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Wink pipe tobacco

the ryo products labeled "pipe tobacco" are really pipe tobacco, per say. it is cut much like peipe tobacco, but it's really nothing like the real pipe tobacco. a few years ago, when the govt, raised cigarette taxes more than 300%, the ryo companies were actually trying to help out us ryo customers! a few weeks after the tax hike, most of the ryo "cigarette" tobaccos were now labeled "pipe tobacco"! they had only raised the tax on pipe tobacco very minimumally. i had gone into my regular smoke shop, ready to shell out 30 or 40 bucks for what i used to pay 10 dollars for. the owner of the store came over to me and told me about the new "pipe tobaccos" and the fact that they were perfectly fine to use for cigarettes-nudge, nudge, wink, wink! he was actually really doing it on the down-low, like the ATF were going to bust in, any minute! lol it was cut different, but other than that, i could tell no difference. i also realized the government has to know what they did and i've been waiting for them to raise that too, but they haven't. i don't have to tell you how sick i get of being singled out by the goveernment, whenever they need more money for their bullshit! anyway, i hope this helped a little, in the discussion.
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