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I haven't tested my fresh shipment of 3 Sails yet, but did pop a bag of Penhooker, cause its a baccy I don't think I ever bought-smoked before.

It's been about 2 days smoking it. I at first thought it a bit "metallic", and sort of "dry" tasting, but seems not bad, and is smokable. No major disagreements with the taste, throat feel, it is relatively smooth, smell in the bag pretty much confirms no funny choco, cherry, or other weird toppings-flavorings.

I wouldn't call it a "sweet" tasting baccy, like I've heard comments about such.
I know well with any baccy, smelling sweet, and tasting sweet are definitely not the same two things, and that often a sweet smelling baccy, either in the bag, or by room note can often taste like cow dung. And Vice Versa, that a butt nasty smelling baccy just might taste and smoke like heaven. And that's commonly why pipe baccys are "blended", to try to bring the best of both worlds to a smoker.

Penhooker seems fairly "neutral", and some might say a great blender baccy to tone down some highly topped-doped blends. But, IMO, a bit "bland".

Seemed a bit dry in the bag, thought so far that I might need to keep a small piece of dampened paper towel in the bag after opening to somewhat maintain moisture content? (Things dry out quick here in the desert southwest NM with usually ultra low relative humidity)

I have liked 3 Sails from a previous order, and will at some point soon report back about how my new shipment tastes-smokes. I am very aware of how some baccys can vary order to order, and that at times over the years, I've tried a baccy, loved it, then ordered a boatload of it only to find the blend tasting way different, and disappointing.

No, 3 Sails can never be the real 3 Castles, just like many domestic baccys can never be G+H Kendall Gold. Or, the fake Drum being like the real Drum of old.
We have to accept such.

The sad shame is, how this country "scared" so many loved imports from reaching our shores, because everyone and their brother in USA is looking to "sue" someone for a free "get rich quick" handout.

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