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Although I find your posting interesting you have not shown concrete evidence that there is even any suggestions on banning e-cigs. Just because they are writing letters back and forth does not mean it is true.

The FDA is going to poke their nose into everything for nicotine is a drug just like aspirin is. The FDA has known for the last 10 or more years there is a cure to the common cold but do you think for a moment they are going to let the country know about it? Heck no they would lose all their sales in the pharmacy business.

Nothing more than they are trying here about the blu cigarettes or any other e-cigarette, because it contains nicotine the pharmacy business wants to control it so it can only be sold in their stores monopolizing the e-cig market.

The FDA knows and approves of e-cigs for if they did not know then the e-cigs would not even be allowed to be imported from China from which all e-cigs are manufactured into this country.

Now as far as using e-cigs to quit smoking and advertising blu cigarettes or any other e-cig as a way to quit smoking I think they maybe able to regulate that aspect because blu or any other e-cig is not really intended to quit smoking but to be able to smoke in places that traditional cigarettes are banned. They can not stop someone from smoking an e-cig in public places for there is no burning tobacco ingredients. I think people could use blu cigarettes or any other e-cig to quit smoking all together if they wanted to just like Quest cigarettes but you do not see anyone stopping those from being sold such as all the pharmacies even though many that try to use Quest do not successfully quit smoking.

The ban in Australia is not to stop the use of smoking blu cigarettes or any other e-cig in public or in places traditional cigarette smoking has been banned but rather it banned that using blu cigarettes or any other e-cig as a quit smoking device.
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