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Talking Hi Advisary420

I am a monitor on this web site and I would like to personaly welcome you to this form. I hope you pull up a chair, light up a smoke and make yourself at home.

I personaly enjoy the blu cigarettes and you can order them right off this web site off the top smoke shop listings.

We can not post links on this form but if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

I ordered my blu cigarettes on Monday of last week and I got them on Friday 5 days later. I love them so much that I will never go back to regular cigarettes again.

With the price of cigarettes and all the restrictions on where we can smoke I felt this would be an alternative to when I could not smoke regular cigarettes but now that I have tried them I will never go back. I can breathe again meaning my lungs feel better in just 4 days. I try to light up a real cigarette now and my lunds can not handle the smoke and that is a good thing.

I hope I have answered your questions if not ask some more
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