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Smoking is a habit or a hobby if you wanna call making your own cigs a hobby. But it's not an addiction.....let alone a bad addiction. The bad addictions are people addicted to drugs and alcohol.

If smoking was an addiction, then I'd be smoking every single cig brand on planet Earth, not just the brand(s) I like the most.

I always wondered (when I think of antismokers) how come 1000s of smokers smoke ONLY Marlboros, or some will smoke ONLY Camels (you get this pic) if smoking WAS an addiction?

A person who loves smoking Marlboros doesn't seem to have an interest in smoking other brands. But if something is gonna be called a bad addiction, then the fact there are 1000s of smokers out here who will smoke only one brand and that's it shows smoking ain't an addiction to begin with.

Kids are addicted to eating candy, but they eat all kinds of candy. Not just one candy brand. Eating all kinds of candy makes it an addiction for them. But you can't say the same on smokers smoking every single cig brand out there.
Life is fun. Have a laugh AND a smoke.
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