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Originally Posted by CamelMan324 View Post
Yeah, lol, I knew the source of this quiz seemed pretty untrustworthy, but I still think the quiz was pretty entertaining to fill out, it kind of made me realize why I smoke in the first place....
Yeah, it made me realize I'm more of a social smoker. As usually when I'm by myself I smoke the occasional cig to relax or ease stress. But sometimes when I'm hanging out with my friends or other smokers I'll chainsmoke up to a half a pack, I've only done this twice ever though usually it's just 2-3 when with friends. It just depends on how long I have to waste, how long any of them keep smoking, and what I'm smoking as I've never been able to get through more than 2-4 unfiltered at once but have a much higher tolerance for filtereds.

Although I can go for a couple days to a week with out smoking or smoking just 1-2 a day.
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