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Originally Posted by lawyer66 View Post
I understand where you are coming from, but you seem more concerned with being critical with my statement than offering any constructive criticism.
Are you being a bit too sensitive? Don't get me wrong but I also had all 3 Vera Cruz tubes in my first order. Therefore, I understand where you are coming from. Apparently a member here Ronsen also warned me about the Midnight tubes before I made my order. However, I still ended wanting to try it due to the appealing colors. I paid $4 for it and it was a disappointment. I felt that it was a waste as I left the Nocturne and Midnight nearly unused. A lot of members here also run into the same problem with tubes/tobacco and end up having to blend to finish it. It's definitely not a fun thing to do.

Another member here BobbyE had a post about the Midnight tubes. He couldn't find anything that would work with it. I also have to agree with him how it taste like cardboard with any tobaccos.

I am not trying to be critical with your statement, I was just confused how you came up with those tubes from scanning through this forum. It also make sense why I asked if you were looking for a stronger smoke.

If things doesn't work out, you might want to try some of those tobacco with a stronger cigar like flavor. D&R Sigaro, D&R Sigaretta, GH Kendal Dark, GH Dark Bird's Eye. I think they might go well with the tubes.

I am still quite new to this as well but I just try to be as safe as possible with my orders. When I don't like something I just leave it untouched or end up throwing it out. Although it's true that you have to go through trial and error, I just find it better to hear some feedback before placing a order.

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