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Originally Posted by bustah View Post
Does that mean you've tried it before? I thought it was your very first order?

Or I assume you meant you just went with what you think you'll like from all the reviews? You said you scanned through the forum but I don't remember there being much reviews on the tubes you chose. In fact there isn't much people that even uses it here.

Are you looking for a really strong flavored smoke? It seems like you picked stuff on the stronger side especially with the tubes.
Yes I am new to this. I have seen posts that mentioned hot rod tubes, and have watched videos and read about the nocturnes. I chose midnights simply because they were black and I liked that. I do like a strong smoke, it was that way for me with OTC cigs, cigars, and pipes. I understand where you are coming from, but you seem more concerned with being critical with my statement than offering any constructive criticism. Now, that being said, this is my first order. I am experimenting with what I have found aesthetically appealing (tubes) and what has gotten reasonable reviews (Largo as I was told in this forum/ Cherokee as I saw on bnbtobacco). Either way, I am not very worried, because these are not the only tubes or tobaccos under my consideration. And at the end of the day none of any possible unhappiness I could have with my order will be the fault of the members of this forum or any knowledge I have disseminated, it will be of my own error in choice. Bless
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