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About Vapor Zone

You're probably aware of the amount of low-end, cheaply made, and lame-performing e-cigarettes flooding the market. Our company was born out of a need in the market for higher standards, better made products, and being able to serve the customer with a higher caliber set of options when it comes to electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers.




6 Unique, state of the art lines of e-cigarette vaporizers: VaporZone Express, VaporZone Air, VaporZone Jet, VaporZone Pro, VaporZone Pulse, and the most exciting product to hit the electronic cigarette market, the VaporZone Rebel.


E Liquid


Top of the line e-liquids. American-Made = Awesome. Our e-liquid is 100% made in the USA, in an FDA registered food & tobacco lab. All of our formulas are registered with the FDA. Our liquid base is comprised of USP Grade Koshermaterials. Our glycerin is of the purest standards, sourced from Malaysian palm so it is free of peanuts, in addition to being diacetyl-free. Our juice goes far beyond food grade, it is designed to be inhaled!


Create Your Own Blend


Take flavor into your own hands. Or mouth. Customize flavors blends to your palate. Combine any of our 2 or 3 flavors to create your own flavor. Your decide, you mix, you use. Don't settle for the typical flavors, customize to please your taste.

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