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Northerner has fairly high prices on snus compared to buysnus and snuscentral, it used to be the rule that single cans were cheaper than buysnus(and snuscentral who uses buysnus to ship), but not so much now. Snus ordered from the U.S. warehouse generally arrives pretty fast usually under a week although that's occasionally not the case, sometimes if a can isn't in stock they'll wait to send your order so it might be worth e-mailing them to replace it or get a refund. snus from their swedish warehouse was really slow at one point because they used swiss post which was slow like 3-4 weeks, swedish post generally took a week or two, but I don't think you can order from the swedish warehouse to america and I wouldn't recommend it if you can. They charge both tobacco and sales tax which depending on where you live can add 10 percent to doubling the cost of your order. Shipping is fairly high because they have to use UPS.

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