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Next Regular Filter (Blue)Cigarette Reviews

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AlexdaMan17 2017-02-16 Medium Tolerable High



I buy next blue and although i like them very much which could bring it to a 4 or even 5 star a lot of the packs I buy are stale - almost musty like. I can tell I've purchased a stale package upon opening them when it opens almost like tape and the pull tab part of the seal sticks to my hand. Than the smell inside the package smells musty. It occurs within about 1 to 5 packs I buy nowadays which I see most of the reviews here are 5 years old or more but this is the way they are in 2016-17. They aren't cheap anymore and go for almost $11. When I get the stale packs I get super angry because smokes cost an arm and a leg and I just want what I'm paying for to feel "almost" worth it. I have contacted Benson and Hedges about it and was told to mail the packs in for examination but decided that's a waste of my time for if they found anything wrong with them they'd replace the packs. I honestly do love next blue when the packs aren't stale or compromised which is why I continue to buy them. I just hope they can look into this issue a little deeper.

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