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Snus Begginer Brands

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Exclamation Snus Begginer Brands

I thought I would add this for advice on what brands to start with. A lot of swedish snus is an acquired taste, standard snus has a mix of bergamont and pepper flavored tobacco or in some cases unsweetened black licorice flavoring. Not all of it does though and these are some blends that us americans will probably like.

Jakobson's snus all of it is designed for the american market, the company that makes it Gotland snus is based in sweden but the majority of their sales are in the united states. Gotlands green (sour apple flavoring), Jakobsson's icefruit (mint/juicy fruit), Jakobsson's Classic strong (tobacco that's sweeter than normal snus), Jakobsson's classic (tobacco not sweet) Jakobsson's wintergreen (wintergreen closest to grizzly but a lot more mild), and lastly mint (highly recommended, this is very usable it doesn't get tiring unlike other mint flavored tobacco). Sadly for me they're discontinuing gotlands yellow (whoever thought of that name needs to be fired imo, great stuff though bergamont/tobacco for loose and cardamon for portions).

Swedish match has some snus that is easier to use for beginners, general mint, Goteborgs Rape No.2 (lingonberry which is a kind of sweet in fruit flavored way), General onyx (grilled lemon flavor), white (tobacco/bergamont/herbs), tre ankre (tobacco), Catch licorice (mild not a heavy licorice taste), eucalyptus (eh not really mint hard to describe), Catch mint ("medium" portion more discrete than regular snus, cool can similar taste to general mint), Roda Lacket (fruit flavored with hints of licorice/peach) Ettan (this has less salt than normal snus and has a hint of choclate/nuts I said hint not strong taste like cigar smokers go oh there's a hint of cream or leather) I don't reccomend general wintergreen it tastes kind of like toothpaste it's ok but I don't really like it.

Thunder Frosted isn't all that user friendly it has a lot of nicotine though and it has a flavor in between ok and good. The original is having a flavor change to flavor #4 from the test series that was voted on by thousands of people, I liked the flavor it was kind of a herbal tobacco flavor I think they change sometime in february. The current original version I can somewhat recommend it's mostly tobacco flavored a little bitter with a slight chemical but hey it's under 3 bucks.

I don't recommend starting with loose snus which many of you probably don't have an interest in anyways. White portions are easier to use and they stain your teeth less, jakobson's is kind of a hybrid it's an original portion but it's less moist Most Snus has a salty taste at first which you adjust to after a while and taste less after probably 1 can

general white is basically the marlboro light of snus in that it's the standard flavor and the most popular brand, it's a interesting mix of good quality tobacco, salt, and some kind flavoring which is hard to descirbe, I like it better than original personally which has more of a pepper flavor. Goteborgs rape No.1 (no idea how to describe the taste), and ettan are the next most popular brands. The market in sweden is I think 55-60% portions and the rest is loose, white portions are generally more popular. Nick and Johnny (tobacco/licorice/smokey flavor) Skurf (tobacco/rose oil) is pretty popular in sweden mostly because it has a higher nicotine content.

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