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Have a couple reviews for dual purpose tobaccos

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Old 06-12-2012, 08:02 AM
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Default Have a couple reviews for dual purpose tobaccos

First off, This is my first post but will not be my last. I started injecting my own cigarettes about 1.5 months ago and have tried many tobaccos to find what I like. I went from a top hand injector and now purchased a top o matic table top injector.

I like to smoke full flavors, lights, and menthol cigarettes. My store bought brands were, Marlboro reds, Marlboro lights, Camel crush bold and Camel turkish royals.

First off I will review the Southern Steel maximum flavor.

I first bought a 5.7 oz bag of Southern Steel maximum from a local tobacco shop. It cost me $13.99 which was overpriced but wanted to try it before making a large online order.
Injected it into a Gambler full flavor tube cut king size tube. First impressions it was very smooth and full flavor. The tobacco reminds me alot of a Marlboro red. As a matter of fact, my dad has been smoking Marlboro reds for over 20 yrs. I gave him one of my cigarettes and he has now switched his daily smoke to Southern Steel maximum flavor. He cannot tell much of a difference.
I ordered a 1lb bag from [url=]Smokers Outlet Online,inc - Make Your Own Cigarettes and Save! Pipe Tobacco, tubes, machines, and accessories.[/url] for $13.99.

Second, Southern Steel mellow.

The Southern Steel mellow is a delicious light tobacco, it does have a sweet aftertaste to it that is not found in what I replaced with it which is a Marlboro light. I use Gambler tube cut light king size tubes with this tobacco.
I could not be more satisfied with this tobacco, at $13.99 a pound this is going to be my go-to brand for a light smoke. My mom smokes Marlboro lights and although she enjoys the taste of the Southern Steel mellow, she will not switch. Not because the factory boughts are better, she is just weird and is stuck in her old ways.

Third, Good Stuff Menthol.

I first injected The Good Stuff menthol into a top menthol tube, and that was just to over-powering of a menthol taste, I had almost given up on the tobacco and was ready to throw it in the trash until I decided to try rolling it in a Gambler tube cut light tube. This was the perfect combination for me. It still had a nice full flavor menthol taste but was not overly strong. Smoking it in this combination has reminded me of a Camel Crush bold, but not quite as strong of a throat kick to it. Maybe about the strength of a Marlboro menthol with a similar taste as the crush bold. This is now my go-to for a menthol smoke.

Fourth, Gambler Tube cut silver.

This is a light tobacco with its own unique taste, rolled up in a Gambler tube cut light king size tube. First drag on the cig is smooth, however on the exhale it has a weird aftertaste. I do not prefer this tobacco and I will not purchase it again. Not to mention it cost me $33 for 8oz. So a bad aftertaste and over-priced.

Fifth, Criss Cross Vanilla blend.

I was looking for something to smoke for a nice sweet turkish blend similar to a turkish royal. Just straight Criss Cross vanilla, the vanilla was over-powering and to sweet for me. Truly belonged in a pipe and not in a cigarette, I then blended it up with 1/3 Criss Cross Vanilla and 2/3 Southern Steel Mellow in a full flavor Gambler tube cut king size tube. This gave me a great blend and I get a sweet turkish taste out of it that I truly enjoy smoking.

Now for some actual rolling tobacco review.

Kite Menthol.

I bought a 6oz can for Kite from the local tobacco shop, this was my first purchase in rolling tobacco and used it with the top hand roller and top menthol tubes. 6oz of kite cost me $28 plus tax. Although it is expensive it is a great smoke, reminded me alot of a Newport. If I did not try The Good Stuff I would have no problem buying the Kite, and although I do find that I like Kite better, I do not like 5x the money better.

Bugler original.

I purchased a pouch of Bugler original, Althogh it is supposed to be a full flavor tobacco, I found it to be on the light side. It did have a sweet aftertaste and would be good for a turkish blend. However, I have found other things that I prefer better than this, but If in a pinch and I was out of my brand, I would have no problem picking up a pouch of this and smoking it until my shipment came in.

Top menthol.

While still trying to find a menthol tobacco that I enjoyed I purchased a pouch of Top menthol. Rolled into a Top menthol tube. It had a harsh throat kick on the first drag but smoothed out after that. Reminded me alot of a Marlboro menthol. Was a good smoke, but I prefer Kite of The Good stuff over it.

Thanks for reading, Any questions I will answer the best I can, Hope this helps somebody out and they find the answers they need if they have any questions on any of these brands of tobaccos.
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Old 06-15-2012, 06:50 PM
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Default ordered some of the Southern Steel Mellow

based on a few reports i'd read indicating it was pretty close to marlboro lights
and got to say it is. To make it as much an apples to apples comparison i cut a couple marlboro light sticks open and injected them into the same tubes i'd stuffed the SS Mellow in (Premier Lights w/17mm filter)

could not detect a taste difference, except for the dry chemical taste at the back of my throat from the Marlboro Lights

i've got some of the gizeh silvertip Extra tubes w/25mm filters, so i'm expecting they'll smoke a little smoother yet

also have one carton of the gizeh charbon tubes with the charcoal filters due in, as i was curious what they'd do to the taste

thanks for the review lp04

Good Stuff Gold and Good Stuff Silver
I'd also ordered in some of the Good Stuff Gold (mild) and Silver (ulta mild)-
the Silver is closer to the marlboro light but halfway thru the cigs, they leave a strange sort of chemical burn taste on my tongue so i'll blend that stuff in with the SS mellow till it's gone

McClintock Blue

Everyone had said this was a great marlboro light replacement or clone and it is, but at $36 for an 8 oz bag, taxed (cause it's cigarette cut) and shipped, a carton is going to run me about $24 per carton, vs the $7.80 per carton for the SS Mellow pipe cut (yeah, i loaded a carton this afternoon and weighed the bag before i started and then after i finished stuffing. But smoked side by side with marlboro light tobacco injected into the same premier light tubes, the taste was IDENTICAL.

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Old 07-19-2012, 07:27 PM
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ronsen will become famous soon enoughronsen will become famous soon enough

That TGS menthol/Gambler Gold combo isa pretty good smoke. Try it in a Nocturne, Beretta or an Elegante sometime for a few diff strengths.

Smokin G CFF or Smokin Joes FF go pretty good in a Hotrod menthol or Golden Harvest menthol Tube.

For non menthol smokes I like NCS 3-C and D&R 3 Sails in a Windsail prestige or a Beretta FF tube. D&R Ryback in a Ramback Prestige or Beretta FF tube.
Every once in awhile I will have a London Export or Drum in a Windsail Prestige. Subtle flavor for me.

You mite like to try Golden Harvest dual purpose tobaccos in a menthol tube.
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Old 07-19-2012, 07:58 PM
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Thanks for the info guys !;o)
Come and join my little facebook RYO group
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