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I'm back in....

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Old 04-05-2012, 05:49 PM
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Default I'm back in....

Well, I finally decided to jump back into ROY way of smoking.

A little bit about myself. I am a 44 year old Canadian male who has been smoking for 30 years.

The first smoke was a players light stolen from my mom's stash when I was around 12.

I smoked Export "A" Reds all through high school, until graduation. I worked with an older guy who smoked Craven Menthol, and before I knew it, I was buying those instead - for the taste. I really enjoyed menthol, and stayed with it until August of 2002.

That date was the first and only time I quit smoking. I rode that horse for about six months before I started up again.

I have an older sister who smoked Export "A" green at the time, and it was at her house that I started up my old habit again. I took one of her smokes and figured I'd try it after 6 months of not smoking.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed that smoke. I have been an avid Export "A" green smoker since.

What caused me to switch to RYO was the price. My wife asked me a few weeks ago if I have any idea how much I spend in cigarettes per month?

I know I have a two pack a day habit. I own my own business so smoking is always an option in my shop as customers are never allowed to walk around in the back where my "smoking office" is hidden from view.

At $97 dollars at the Wholesale Club for a carton of smokes X 7 cartons a month was a bit on the expensive side that I had to admit to my wife was a little to step for us to afford anymore.

Instantly I thought of ROY as it HAS to be cheaper right? So I dug out my old hand roller and went off to buy a small pouch of Export A tobacco. I paid $22.00 from a local gas station for 50 grams. Hmmmm.

I rolled 65 king size smokes out of that. Two and a half packs. It did not seem like great I really hated rolling by hand.

I went out again. This time I went to the Wholesale Club and purchased what I think I will need for the month.

I bought three 200 gram cans of Export A Tobacco, @ $67.64 and four boxes of Export tubes @ $1.99 - with taxes it came to $231.96

I feel that the three cans should last me a month - give or take - but even if I bought another can - I am still way down in my expenses for smoking.

My wife was pleased, and I do not mind ROY at all.....except I hate rolling by hand.

Hence, to what lead me to this forum and this, my second post.

I read all the pages I could on electronic hand rollers. The Powermatic 2 seemed to be a popular model with the RYO crowd.

I jumped on Ebay and found one for auction.

This was the one I won.

(Not sure if you use codetags here or not - but to be safe I did?)

I am so looking forward to testing this machine out. In the meantime I am still hand rolling.

Sorry - I did not intend to write a book

Anyway, I really believe with the help of the members here I made an informed choice as to the machine I bought. I got a good price for it too in my mind.

Again, thanks for the info!
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